One Time Visits to Campus?Ongoing

Visiting the Pasadena Campus

If you need to make a one-time visit to any of our Pasadena campus buildings, you may continue to submit those requests to the Campus Closure team. Visits to our outdoor space or the Fuller Mail Center do not require approval.

Ready to Work On Campus?Phase 1: Beginning May 1st

Setting an On Campus Schedule

If you’re ready to come back to your office on the Pasadena campus on a regular schedule, just review our Pasadena Reopening Protocol and then reach out to the Campus Return team to request a schedule.

Ready to Return to the Library?Phase 1: Beginning June 1st

Visiting the Hubbard Library

As of June 1st, the David Allan Hubbard Library will be available for current students, faculty, & staff in a limited capacity. Review the Library Reopening Protocol for more details and submit any questions to the Campus Return team.

Ready to Meet for Work On or Off Campus?Phase 2: Beginning July 1st

Meeting for Work In Person

As of July 1st, you are free to meet face-to-face (or mask-to-mask) with other students, staff, & faculty, on or off campus for work-related meetings. Just review our Meeting Protocol in preparation.

Ready to Meet with Students On or Off Campus?Phase 2: Beginning July 1st

Meeting with Students In Person

As of July 1st, gathering with and amongst students is permitted on or off campus. Just review our Protocol for In-Person Student Meetings, Activities, and Gatherings in preparation.

Ready to Host Your Event On or Off Campus?Phase 2: Beginning July 1st

Hosting an Event

If you’re ready to host an event on or off campus, just review our Events Protocol and then submit your details to the Events Governing Board and the Pandemic Planning Committee to begin the Initial Evaluation of your event.

Ready to Travel?Phase 2: Beginning July 1st

Traveling Domestically or Internationally

If you’re ready to travel on Fuller’s behalf, just review our Travel Protocol in preparation. Please note, business-related domestic travel is permitted as of July 1. Beginning in the fall 2021, international travel will be considered, but must be pre-approved through the Approved Travel team.

Ready to Return to the Classroom?Phase 2: Beginning Summer 2021

Gradual Return to the Classroom

Beginning with the summer quarter, we will see a gradual return to in-person teaching in the classroom. You can read the details in our On Campus Classes Reopening Protocol. If you have any questions you can reach out to the Campus Return team.

Ready to Return to Normal?Phase 3: Beginning Fall 2021

Full Return to Campus

Barring unforeseen circumstances, the fall will bring a return to full campus access, including regularly scheduled courses, full Library access, and unrestricted in-person meetings and events.